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内容摘要:Up to 90% of Chinese Exchange Students HaveHired Essay Ghostwriters - Why is this so common?高达90%的中国交换生曾找过论文写手---为什么这种现象这么普遍? Many universit...
Up to 90% of Chinese Exchange Students HaveHired Essay Ghostwriters - Why is this so common?高达90%的中国交换生曾找过论文写手---为什么这种现象这么普遍? Many university students can relate to thestruggle they may have had in composing a particular research paper – stayingup all night, downing energy drinks, and giving everything they’ve got to makesure that their paper can achieve a solid grade. College coursework can provetime-consuming and difficult, but students push on in the hopes that theirefforts will eventually be rewarded with the commendation of a universitydegree. 许多大学生都能想起他们曾经写一篇专业研究论文时所经历的挣扎---通宵熬夜,喝能量饮料,并竭尽所能确保他们的论文能拿到一个好成绩。大学课程既费时又费力,但学生们一路前行,希望他们的努力有所回报,最终能得到大学学位的嘉奖。 A growing number of wealthy Chineseexchange students, however, think they’ve found a better way: why not use thefamily credit card to buy that essay instead? 然而,越来越多的富有的中国交换生认为他们找到了更好的方法:为什么不使用家庭信用卡来买一篇论文呢? Wealthy Chinese Families Covet anAmerican Education 有钱的中国家庭青睐美国教育 For many international students fromwell-to-do backgrounds, studying abroad in the United States or Europe is seenas an essentially mandatory. According to a survey performed by China’s HurunReport, more than 85% of wealthyChinese families intended to send their children to study abroad for college. 对于许多来自富裕家庭的国际留学生来说,赴美或赴欧留学被看做必要选择。据《胡润百富》进行的一项调查,超过85%的中国富人家庭趋向于将自己的孩子送到国外上大学。(译者注:《胡润百富》-胡润百富是追踪记录中国企业家群体变化的权威机构。) Ed West, who serves as a director for theNational Association for College Admission Counseling, notes that “there are a lot of Chinese students andparents trying to get into the best quality schools they can,”and the ability to boast an education atAmerican schools in particular is very highly coveted by wealthy andstatus-minded Chinese families. 作为全美大学招生咨询协会国际部主任的埃迪·韦斯特指出,“有很多中国学生和家长试图进入教学质量最好的学校”,有钱的有阶级意识的中国家庭极度喜欢吹嘘美国学校的教育。 However, many Chinese exchange studentsoften begin with only a limited ability to read and write in English, which canmake it difficult to complete coursework on their own. As a result,international students are often eager to look for more creative methods formaking sure that they are able to provide quality essay work, by purchasingthat work from academic ghostwriting and essay-writing services online. Arecent report suggests that as many as90% of Chinese exchange students have turned in essays written by others. 但是,许多中国交换生经常面临的第一个问题是有限的英语读写能力,这会让完成他们的全部课程变得困难。所以,留学生往往急切地希望找到一些更具创意的方法来确保他们能够拿出有质量的论文,方法之一就是通过向专业写手或者网上代写论文的服务机构购买论文。一项最近的报告中暗示,有90%的中国交换生所提交的论文都是由他人代写的。 International Students Fuel Demand forEssay-Writing Services Online 留学生对于网上代写论文服务的需求在增加 Academic ghostwriting and essay-writingservices have exploded in popularity online in recent years, with companiesoffering their prospective clients custom-written essays on a wide array oftopics – for a price. 专业的写手和论文代写服务在网络中备受欢迎,近几年里业务量暴增,只要给钱,就有公司提供为客户提供量身定制的不同专业的论文。 Students purchasing essays written byothers is nothing new, but the Internet has made it easier than ever before forstudents and ghostwriters to connect. Internet forums like Reddit allow forunscrupulous anonymous online communities to flourish. In the digital age, anyDick, Tom, or Harry can hide behind a digital mask to do anything from anonymously discussing drug use,ordering fake IDs , and ofcourse peddling admissions essays. 学生花钱买论文不是什么新鲜事,但互联网让学生和写手之间的联系变得更加容易。比如像Reddit这样的互联网平台允许肆无忌惮的匿名的在线社区蓬勃发展。在这个数字时代,任何的猫猫狗狗都可以藏在一副数字面具后面做想做的任何事,从匿名讨论毒品的使用,到订购假身份证,当然还有兜售入学论文。 Why not use the family credit card to buythat essay instead? 为什么不使用家庭信用卡来购买论文呢? In one such Reddit post, a spokesperson forone essay-writing company, Prescott Papers, acknowledged that many of itsclients are “foreign studentsstruggling in a US education system that does not provide appropriate ESLassistance.” 在一个类似的Reddit网的帖子中,一个名叫普莱斯考特论文的代笔公司其发言人承认,公司很多客户都是“挣扎在美国教育体系中的外国学生,因为美国教育体系没有为他们提供恰当的非母语英语课程的协助。” With many students relying on programs thatmandate that the students are able to consistently achieve a certain minimumGPA, many Chinese exchange studentshave increasingly relied on this growing industry of professional essay writingservices in order to ensure they can continue their studies abroad. 因为留学项目要求学生能够一直持续不断地拿到某个最低平均分,许多中国交换生为了保证他们能够继续在海外学习,对于这种论文代写服务的依赖日益增加。 Do essay services condone this type ofcheating? 论文服务中心是否会谅解这种作弊行为呢? After reaching out to six essay-writingcompanies and four freelancers, a spokesperson from Prescott Papers was theonly respondent to our inquiry. The respondent, who wished to remain anonymous,noted in an email that because these essays are written from scratch, these services are essentially invisible totraditional plagiarism-detection programs like TurnItIn, which oftenserve as a school’s only line of defense against students misrepresenting thework of others as their own. These kinds of services have vexed universities inthe US, as they are particularly difficult to detect. The spokespersonelaborated that even with policies barring clients from submitting workverbatim, what clients do with their orders once completed is largely outsideof a company’s control.

在接触了6家论文代写公司和4名自由职业者之后,普雷斯科特论文公司的一名发言人是我们调查的唯一回应者。这位受访者希望以匿名的方式接收采访,其在一封电子邮件中指出,因为这些论文是从草稿开始写的,相对于传统的抄袭检查项目来说,比如图尼丁(它是学校阻止学生弄虚作假唯一的防线),这些服务基本上是隐形的。美国大学一直为这些服务而烦恼,因为这种作假很难检测到。这位发言人解释说,即使有政策禁止客户一字不差地提交论文,但订单完成后客户拿着论文去做的事情,在很大程度上超出了公司的控制范围。(译者注:turnitin可以提供论文检测服务,有效发现剽窃,避免涉嫌学术不端行为。全球超过3000万学生140个国家15,000个机构在使用,支持语言包括英语,阿拉伯文,中文(繁体和简体),荷兰文,芬兰文,法文,德文,意大利文,日文,韩文,葡萄牙文,西班牙文,瑞典文和土耳其文等30多种语言) Users who frequent one of the collegeadmissions forums on Reddit have expressed concern over the use of essaywriting services by foreign students. One university professor going under theusername of SmartAZ described admissions essay fraud as “a huge problem at [theuser’s] university,” claiming that the upper-class foreign students who usethese admissions methods are grossly underprepared, “on my last exam, the meanscore for non-Chinese students was in the mid 80s, and the mean score for theChinese students in the class was in the high 60s. This happens everysemester.” 经常去Reddit上一个大学招生论坛的用户对外国学生使用论文代写服务的现象表示关注。用户名为smartaz的以为大学教授将入学论文的欺诈行为形容为“他所在大学的一个大问题”,声称来自上流社会的利用这些方式入学的外国学生严重准备不足,“在去年我的科目的考试中, 非中国籍学生的平均分数在85分左右, 而我给班上的中国籍学生的平均分为60大几分。这种情况每学期都有。” Cheating Seen as Low-Risk, but HighReward 作弊被视作是低风险但是高回报的 Despite concerns and suspicion fromprofessors and students alike, the professor elaborates, there’s often nothingthat can be done. At least, not without the support of the university, “I’vetried complaining about admissions standards, but I don’t have the kind ofpower it would take to change anything. Theuniversity loves to take these students because they pay full ride.” 尽管有教授和学生们对此问题都很关注和怀疑,但教授也表达,对此通常都是无可奈何的。至少来说,没有大学的支持是无能为力的,“我抱怨过招生标准,但我没有权利去改变任何事情。”大学喜欢接收这些学生,因为他们付了很多钱。

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