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金沙国际网上娱乐:The second batch of FOF approximation: fund companies prepare for early March reply

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内容摘要: According to 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that early in March a number offund companydeclare the FOF products will be offi...

According to 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that early in March a number of fund company declare the FOF products will be officially defended, individual company said it has been clear on March 1 the exact time to reply. It is understood that the FOF for this batch of replies is richer than the first batch of FOF types approved in September last year, such as the type FOF with quantification and the cast .

Five months after the first FOF was approved, the second FOF is about to reply.

According to 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that many fund companies in early March to declare the FOF products will be officially defended, individual company said it has been clear on March 1 the exact time to reply. It is understood that the first batch of FOFs approved in this batch of replies is more abundant than the first batch of FOFs approved in September last year. For example, FOFs with quantified fixed investment types are included.

From the first batch of FOF approved to the second batch of FOF defense, the period is far apart, insiders said that on the one hand is to monitor the approval of the FOF product cautious, on the other hand regulatory FOF approval of the relevant departments have some personnel changes, So have an impact.

From the first batch of FOF approved the rapid issuance of the establishment of the situation, the industry expects the fastest second batch of FOF is expected to begin in March, the market will soon usher in a richer variety of FOF products. The battle of PK about FOF products will continue to be fierce.


Shortly after the Lunar New Year's Day, news of the second FOF respondent came in.

February 26, a large fund company product department revealed to reporters that the company's two FOF products will be held March 1 to defend the company has prepared the relevant materials. Judging from the examination and approval status of FOFs disclosed by the SFC, the two FOF funds were reported in early December 2016 and early January 2017 respectively, both of which received the first feedback on March 23, 2017 and no further progress has been made since then Nearly a year ago.

Another fund company stakeholders also told reporters on February 27, the company announced in mid-January quantitative fixed investment FOF Fund will also be held in the near future to reply, in order to better complete the defense, the company prepared a lot of quantitative materials, Including a review of scheduled data for the past 20 years by a previous corporate risk management department.

Prior to this, the second batch of approved news has been heard many times. Since last October to the Spring Festival holiday, there is rumor that the second batch of list of public offering of FOFs will be disclosed soon, especially the first batch of Zhongrong Fund which participated in the FOF defense but did not enter the starting line. The Morgan Stanley Fund , Changsheng Fund , Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund 4 companies, but also the industry is recognized as the second batch of public offering FOF Popular Candidate Fund. However, until the start of the Spring Festival holiday, the second batch of FOF lists failed to make any definite progress.

One of the Fund's product divisions that participated in the defense last year said to reporters on the afternoon of February 27 that "the company has been ready for product distribution and has been waiting for the approval document, but as of now there is still no update.

Now, the second batch of FOF respondent news is quite positive news for the growing army of FOF queuing up. According to the latest fund approval information, as of February 14, excluding the first batch of 6 FOF funds that have been approved for issuance, the number of currently waiting FOF products has reached 101, involving 56 fund companies. Among them, the latest one is only submitted on January 25 this year, the PICC steady allocation hybrid funds Fund (FOF).

However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the time between the release of the second batch of FOF products and the approval. One of the fund companies is lining up told reporters that "if the time is fast, there should be a second batch of FOF available, or even in March may be possible, but for the second batch of participating defense companies, with the first participation It is not easy to say who got the approval before getting the approval. "

It is expected that the first batch of six FOFs will be released for five months now and the second batch of FOFs will be completed After the approval is expected sooner, then there will be more types of FOF products on the market for investors to choose from.

Head of Product Department of a fund company in South China said on February 27 that as the FOF declaration and approval process normalized, more and more FOFs will emerge in the future. "Nearly half of the fund companies in the market today have declared FOF This year will surely be the year of FOF release. "

First Results Performance Differentiation

While waiting for the second batch of FOF approvals, the performance of the first FOFs has received much market attention.

Early February this year, global stock market Under the influence of a variety of factors, the A-share market has obviously declined and the income of the FOF fund has been affected. Especially in the January 29 to February 9 market depth adjustment period, the net value of the six FOF funds have inevitably suffered a significant retracement.

Take Haitong Tongyou Best Choice as an example, invest shares , The proportion of share accounts for 70% -95% of the fund assets, which is the highest percentage of equity investment in 6 FOF funds Of the fund, so its volatility is significantly greater than the net of several other funds. From January 29 to February 9, Haifutong Juyou selected net decline of up to as much as 10.84%, February 9, the net fell to 0.9334 yuan once. However, in the ensuing rebound in the market, the net worth of Haifutong Juyou also picked up quickly. The latest net value of Feb. 26 was 0.9954 Yuan, down 0.46% from its establishment. According to the current net announced, Harvest Pilot Asset Allocation A / C and Haifutong Juyou Selection are the only ones in the six FOF funds that have reported negative returns since the establishment of the fund. Among the remaining four funds, Jiaxin Fuze Antai topped the list with an increase of 1.14%. The net increase of all-weather strategy A in the south also exceeded 1%. Of course, due to the fact that the first batch of publicly-funded FOF funds was established for a short time, it is of little significance to compare the returns of the funds. However, the different net fluctuations of these funds, corresponding to the difference between the proportion of equity investment. The current batch of FOF funds in the proportion of equity investment in a lower proportion of the main, the future will be more focus on equity investment FOF products appear, different FOF products will yield greater differences.





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